Labor Department’s New Rule Is Bad News for Independent Contractors

The Department of Labor’s new worker classification rule is a blatant power grab designed to make it more difficult for people to work as independent contractors. Thursday, February 1, 2024 In what is sure to have significant implications for millions of American workers, specifically gig economy workers and contractors, the Department of Labor (DOL) issued […]

This is who Biden is inviting into our country!

We gotta know that not every one of the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens President Biden is inviting to cross our borders is an angel.  Far from it. There are thousands of “military aged” men coming in.  And lots of them are looking to bring their criminal skills along with them. As we do […]

“Come and Take it” – Texas stands up to Administration

By Kelly Jan 31, 2024 Fears of a standoff and tensions between federal and state units remain after a Supreme Court decision said that federal border agents could cut wire installed by Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s Operation Lone Star. As tensions rise, Texas is digging in. It is still installing the razor wire, building walls with […]

Biden to taxpayers: “Drop Dead”

By  Guest Contributor Jan 30, 2024 President Joe Biden has transformed America’s southern border into a humanitarian catastrophe and a national security nightmare. This bloody, deadly mess is a clear and present danger to this republic. But this also is a massive fiscal threat. Biden’s obliteration of the border is evaporating federal, state, and local coffers. Precise figures on anything illegal […]

Representative tells home country she’s representing them in Washington – Instantly SLAMMED – by home country

By Kelly Jan 30, 2024 This is an outrageous claim by Ilhan Omar. Last year, George Santos was expelled from Congress by his own party because he lied on his resume. Omar should be challenged for breaking her oath of office. BREAKING: Congresswoman @IlhanMN tells the people in Somalia she’s representing their interests in Washington. […]

What is wrong with him?

I will admit, Trump was not my first choice for President this year.  My wife and I disagree on this.  But now, he’s the inevitable choice. So why is he picking fights with his allies? Trump rips former press secretary Kayleigh McEnany for advising him on TV — The Washington Times (@WashTimes) January 25, […]

Sometimes the Babylon Bee…

…isn’t satire. This is one of those cases.  The Bee makes what they think is a joke. But it’s way too close to the truth to be funny. Supreme Court Rules Texas Must Replace Barbed Wire With Giant Red Carpet — The Babylon Bee (@TheBabylonBee) January 28, 2024 I have no idea what […]

Is NPR ‘State-Affiliated Media’? Their Coverage of the Federal Debt Certainly Suggests as Much

Legacy media are no longer shrugging off concerns about the federal debt. But one media crown jewel informed listeners they had little to fear from this mountain of public debt. Thursday, January 25, 2024 In late December, after US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen borrowed $90 billion in just one day, the federal government’s public debt eclipsed $34 trillion […]

As California goes…

So many of the really terrible ideas floating around in our country originate in California. Whacko environmental rules.  Electric vehicle mandates.  Outlawing independent contractors.  And so much more. Now they have a new one… California may become the first state to require new vehicles to be equipped with “speed governors.” In a bill introduced this […]