FBI really is targeting Catholics!

There are so many spies and terrorists in the United States right now (some of whom dated United States Congressmen) that you’d think the Federal Bureau of Investigation should be looking pretty hard for them. But that would be the old way of thinking. These days, the FBI is more interested in targeting conservative Catholics. […]

It’s not bad enough they can take your house — now they can shoot you too

There was an uproar a while back about the Internal Revenue Service advertising for new gun-toting agents. They quietly dropped the requirement. But now it’s back. Maybe I’m a bit slow, but I cannot think of one single reason why the IRS needs armed agents.  I can see that they might need security at their […]

Yet another incompetent Biden appointment

I hate to keep bringing this up, but the appointees in the Biden Administration are the weakest I’ve ever seen — and I’ve been around a while. From Pete Buttigieg, the clueless Transportation Secretary, to Karine Jean-Pierre the woke, lesbian White House Press Secretary, each Biden appointment is weaker than the last. This guy has […]

So what will Tucker do? Reading between the lines

By Kelly  – Apr 27, 2023 Last night Tucker spoke publicly for the first time since leaving Fox News. There’s a lightly edited transcript below. It was interesting for what he didn’t say as much as for what he said. In his closing sentences he said, “Where can you still find Americans saying true things? […]

Let’s Fact-Check Biden’s Reelection Announcement

By Guest Contributor  – Apr 27, 2023 President Joe Biden launched his reelection campaign early Tuesday with a factually challenged video that focuses heavily on accusations against Republicans. The 3-minute video with Biden’s voice-over opens with scenes of the Capitol riot on Jan. 6, 2021, then shifts to a pro-abortion protester in front of the […]

Electric folly!

I’ve written about electric cars and trucks in the past.  I personally think they are nuts. I’ve detailed some of the problems with electric vehicles:  limited range, extended length of time to charge, lack of available charging stations — especially in an emergency situation, stress on our already overburdened power grid, and so much more. […]

Soros gets another scalp

First he got Glenn Beck… Then it was Bill O’Reilly… Judge Jeanine got a suspension and almost lost her job… Dan Bongino left over the weekend… And then, one of the biggest yet, he got Tucker Carlson on Monday. George Soros is working to silence Fox News. He and his minions at Media Matters (a […]

Did Fauci lie to Congress? Is this a huge cover-up? This Congresswoman thinks so.

Dr. Fauci could be at center of ‘one of the biggest cover-ups in American history,’ says Rep. Malliotakis Ahead of a House hearing on the origins of COVID-19, the Biden administration’s Department of Energy and the FBI have endorsed the COVID lab-leak theory in recent weeks. On “Fox & Friends“, Rep. Nicole Malliotakis, R-N.Y., argued […]