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Sold state secrets?

President Biden is well-known for gaffes, misspeaks, jumbling words, etc.  Sadly, he’s been doing this [...]

House Chair reveals Hunter tax evasion now in millions and evidence of corruption!

By Kelly Jun 27, 2023 House Ways & Means Committee Chairman, Jason Smith, just revealed [...]

Grassley unraveling the Biden-Burisma knots

By Kelly Jun 20, 2023 On Monday, Sen. Chuck Grassley revealed a foreign national — identified [...]

He lives rent-free…

…in their empty heads. I cannot remember anyone who had so massively invaded the craniums [...]

How on Earth did the Government make $2.9 TRILLION Improper Payments???

Last year alone, improper and mistaken federal payments totaled $247 billion. That’s about $20.5 billion [...]

A popular theme in all the best prisons…

He says he didn’t do it. That should be enough, right? Prisons are full up [...]

Former Deputy Nat’l Security Adviser: FBI, CIA & DOJ Will Rig 2024 Election

K.T. McFarland, former Deputy National Security Adviser, claims that the “deep state” will rig the [...]

Biden’s Latest Dim Lightbulb Idea Has Military Fuming

America’s commander in chief just laid another egg. President Joe Biden wants all Pentagon vehicles to [...]

Is Agency Fudging the Data to make Biden Look Good on Key Economic Metric? We think so!

I watch a lot of business TV because every other form of news makes me [...]

Arkansas dead-beat dad court finding out more about scumbag Hunter than all the alphabet agencies!

F Branco: Dead Beat Hunter Biden fathered a little girl with Lunden Roberts in 2018 [...]