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A heartbeat away…

Once upon a time, we used to talk about the Vice President of the United [...]

Gaslighting from the Administration could illuminate Pennsylvania Avenue!

Throwing a party to celebrate the Inflation Reduction Act on a day staggering new inflation [...]

If you’re gonna share fake Tweets…

If the President of the United States is gonna clutter up our lives with fake [...]

Spinnin’ so fast, I’m gettin’ dizzy!

Everybody knows the favorite participation sport in Washington is spinning — taking a kernel of [...]

Thanks to Biden, Americans Who Never Attended College Still Have to Pay for It

President Biden announces student loan debt forgiveness for individuals making less than $125,000 per year. [...]

Proven. Election. Fraud.

With the latest cases of impersonation, registration fraud, absentee ballot fraud, bribery, and illegal vote [...]

Biden gives $171 Million to His Old Friend and Our Mortal Enemy

A left-wing group linked to billionaire George Soros has won a nearly $172 million federal [...]

Two straight minutes of Democrats LYING about inflation

LOL! From transitory to “iT’s aLL pUtIn’S fAuLt” – further proof these clowns have no [...]

Your tax dollars at work!

Ever wonder where the money lifted from your paycheck every week goes? Mostly it doesn’t [...]

Fun with electricity!

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know I’m not a big fan of the Biden [...]