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More lies…

I’ve written about this recently, but it just keeps on coming. Democrats push the lie [...]

Hunter’s Dad finally gives the OK.

President Joe Biden finally allows the U.S. Military to shoot down the Chinese spy balloon. [...]

Different systems of justice — one for us and one for them.

I remember reading a while ago about some guy who owned a convenience store.  The [...]

Why do we keep letting them lie to us?

I’m a bit of a sceptic.  I don’t really believe anybody in power (except maybe [...]

I must be confused…

I’ll grant you that my high school years were a long time ago. And a [...]

Sauce for the goose — part III

I’ve written about this a couple of times before. While it’s now common knowledge that [...]

Sauce for the goose — part II

I wrote a few days ago (Sauce for the goose… – American Liberty Pac) about [...]

You can’t make this up…

We’re kinda aware that many Democrats — especially those that make their living trashing conservatives [...]

Sauce for the goose…

My Mom used to say “sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.”  That [...]

Facebook collusion!

Turns out that Facebook isn’t just a passive player in the whole “disinformation” game. They [...]