Unhinged. Foaming at the mouth. Nutso.

On the television show All in the Family, Archie Bunker used to call him “Meathead.”

I think the term was apt for both the character and the actor behind the character.

But we can also consider a bunch of other nicknames for him that might suit the current version of the actor even better — washed-up actor, out-of-touch nutcase, off the rails leftist and more.  Bet you can come up with a bunch of them yourself…

But it’s the absurdity of his words that are shocking. And that he has any audience at all to read them.

Somehow, it’s good for Democracy to throw the former President, and current candidate,in prison.  That’s always proven a boon for democracy in third world hellholes.  They do it all the time and it always works out for the best.

And then, let’s forbid any third party candidate from running at all.  No sense splitting up the vote.

How is that good for Democracy?

I guess you have to be a meathead to figure that out.