Talk about scrambled…

President Joe Biden thinks that global warming is an “existential threat even worse than nuclear war.”

What is this guy smoking?

We’ve seen two uses of nuclear weapons in time of war — each far smaller than the ones we have today —  and the results were devastating.  Really, really devastating.

There have been two significant nuclear power plant accidents — Chernobyl and Fukushima.  Both also devastating.

So far, despite what the nutters want us to believe, there really haven’t been any significant effects from global warming.  While they want us to believe that any extreme weather is caused by global warming, the weather from year to year isn’t all that different.

And there really is no evidence at all that any climate change is caused by us.  Climate goes through cycles.  We can do nothing to control that.  The carbon dioxide scam is just that — a scam.  The most significant greenhouse gas is water vapor.  Nobody claims to be able to do anything about that.  But they want us to stop driving our cars and switch our appliances to electricity (an already overburdened system) to stop this “existential threat.”

What nonsense.  Spread by the President of the United States.

I fear for the future of our nation and our planet.  Biden and company are so busy hamstringing America that they have taken their eyes off the very real threat posed by Communist China.  When the Chi Coms take over the world, how much attention will they pay to this “existential threat?”