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China Has 10 Years Left

Don’t take my word for it. This comes from former Stratfor director, Peter Zaihan. The [...]

Boiling Oceans – Remind you of anyone?

I watched Al Gore’s unhinged rant at the Davos conference and it reminded me of [...]

Warning: White House preparing huge shift in Died Suddenly narrative

If this guy is right, the powers that be are preparing to cover their behinds [...]

How the South (and Middle) Will Rise Again! (In a good way!)

Here’s how industry could return to the US, particularly to the South. Here’s why @maphumanintent [...]

This miner spoke out about “Green Energy” – Everyone listened.

This man has 40 years of experience and has mined all over the world. When [...]

Sauce for the goose — part II

I wrote a few days ago (Sauce for the goose… – American Liberty Pac) about [...]

You can’t make this up…

We’re kinda aware that many Democrats — especially those that make their living trashing conservatives [...]

Did the House GOP Really Kill the IRS Jobs or is it Swamp Theater?

🚨 BREAKING → The House just voted to repeal funding for Biden’s 87,000 new IRS [...]

Black Homicide Rates Are Back at ’90s Levels. The Problem Isn’t the Guns.

The Left loves to talk about “disparate impact”—until it interferes with its narratives. A recently [...]

Sauce for the goose…

My Mom used to say “sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.”  That [...]