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We are in deep, deep trouble.

War has broken out in the Middle East. It’s something we used to worry about [...]

Morning Again in America?

October 9, 2023 by Robert Ringer Predictably, media pundits from both the left and right have [...]

Global Leader Threatens Klaus Schwab – “his days are numbered”

By Kelly Oct 6, 2023 Although Vladimir Putin was never an official designee in the World [...]

Biden Administration Sneaky Move on Border Wall Backfires

By  Kelly Oct 6, 2023 Biden has defended his administration’s decision to waive 26 federal [...]

Are you headed to the reeducation camp?

I’m old enough to remember the Vietnam war and the terrible aftermath. Despite a signed [...]

So what happens next?

By Kelly Oct 4, 2023 A political earthquake happened Tuesday night. The fallout from Saturday’s unsatisfying [...]

Is “The Squad” losing what little mind it had in the beginning?

It’s hard to imagine members of “The Squad” being even goofier than they were. But [...]

Can someone tell me why we don’t just leave them?

Far left climate protesters have recently taken to gluing themselves to things to try to [...]

Watch as Representative EXPLODES over Speaker’s power

By Kelly Oct 3, 2023 Michael Joseph Bost is the Republican representative for Illinois’s 12th congressional [...]

Remember this voice from the past when you see them sending money to Ukraine

By Kelly Sep 28, 2023 Julian Assange was right in this as in so many other [...]