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If they’re such a boon to the economy…

…how come we need new taxes to pay for them? Leftists and open border advocates [...]

Keeping the ladies of The View happy…

New York City has a migrant (new, politically-correct term for illegal aliens) crisis.  They have [...]

It’s easy to virtue signal when there’s no cost to you…

But when the costs start to rise, that’s a different story. For years, liberal cities [...]

Unhinged. Foaming at the mouth. Nutso.

On the television show All in the Family, Archie Bunker used to call him “Meathead.” [...]

Talk about scrambled…

President Joe Biden thinks that global warming is an “existential threat even worse than nuclear [...]

You can’t tell me…

…that this guy lost to Sleepy Joe in 2020. It’s just not possible.  I have [...]

So much for the Constitution…

By:  Bill Joseph New Mexico Governor Michelle Luhan Grisham has decided that the United States [...]

Welcome to the Crypt aka The People’s House

By Kelly Sep 8, 2023 Nancy Pelosi just announced that she will be seeking another term [...]

Why China’s Electric Vehicle Subsidies Failed

By  Guest Contributor Aug 25, 2023 China’s massive government subsidies of electric vehicles has been a [...]

Follow the science! (Except when the science doesn’t agree with me!)

Dr. Anthony Fauci is a failure and, most likely, a fraud.  At least that’s my [...]