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So much for the veterans…

Everybody in Washington claims to be all-in for our nation’s veterans. They claim to want [...]

Either they’re stupid — or they think we are…

The global warming cult is really ramping up their attack. While the theory of man-made [...]

Sotomayor is the one who should be investigated

The mainstream media is in an all-out drive to dump Justice Clarence Thomas.  They are [...]

This is kinda funny…

Somehow, in San Francisco this qualifies as rational discourse… San Fran Resident Screeches Hysterically in [...]

Arkansas dead-beat dad court finding out more about scumbag Hunter than all the alphabet agencies!

F Branco: Dead Beat Hunter Biden fathered a little girl with Lunden Roberts in 2018 [...]

FBI really is targeting Catholics!

There are so many spies and terrorists in the United States right now (some of [...]

It’s not bad enough they can take your house — now they can shoot you too

There was an uproar a while back about the Internal Revenue Service advertising for new [...]

Yet another incompetent Biden appointment

I hate to keep bringing this up, but the appointees in the Biden Administration are [...]

So what will Tucker do? Reading between the lines

By Kelly  – Apr 27, 2023 Last night Tucker spoke publicly for the first time [...]

Let’s Fact-Check Biden’s Reelection Announcement

By Guest Contributor  – Apr 27, 2023 President Joe Biden launched his reelection campaign early [...]