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Electric folly!

I’ve written about electric cars and trucks in the past.  I personally think they are [...]

Soros gets another scalp

First he got Glenn Beck… Then it was Bill O’Reilly… Judge Jeanine got a suspension [...]

Did AOC force Tucker out?

You’ve heard the news… Tucker Carlson is out at Fox News. This is earth-shattering.  The [...]

So what do you think of Roger Stone’s suggestion to Trump?

Imagine this: Roger Stone, a Republican political strategist and longtime Trump friend, has proposed a [...]

Democrats never cheat, or do they?

Despite being unceremoniously ejected from his post at Project Veritas, James O’Keefe never gives up.  [...]

Now Catholics are the problem

You cannot make this up. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is now infiltrating Catholic churches.  [...]

Unhinged leftist

No idea how this guy got elected in the first place.  I don’t know about [...]

This man is not OK — and most of America doesn’t care

Former President Donald J. Trump was just indicted, arrested and arraigned. Never before in our [...]

Nancy reveals the real truth…

Every now and then, Nutty Nancy Pelosi tells the truth. In this case, she’s putting [...]

This is scary…

I know there is evil in the world.  We see it all the time. But [...]